We work hard to remain the King! Our dedication to quality and professionalism is reflected on every job that we do.

Once you’ve had our service and experienced the immediate transformation of your yard without having to personally lift a finger, we are convinced you will never spread mulch by hand again.

Smooth velvety appearance: Our skilled blower truck installers achieve a smooth, velvety appearance that manual application simply can’t match. Your yard will never look more beautiful or manicured when the Bark King crew visits your property.

No wheelbarrow tracks: No wheelbarrow or multi person crews tracking back and forth through your yard, leaving muddy tracks in your lawn or causing damage to your plants.

No unsightly piles: We don’t leave unsightly piles of bark to stain your driveway or yard while you wait for the mulch to be applied. We’ll be done before you know it!

Faster. More efficient. More beautiful : Our blower truck service is much faster, more efficient and provides a more beautiful look than can be achieved through manual application. The areas leading landscapers and builders choose Bark King’s blower truck installation over having their own crews do it by hand because we consistently and efficiently achieve beautiful results – the kind of results you want for your own yard!

Less work ! We call it “bark without the backache!” Let our talented team take care of everything so you can spend your valuable time doing what you want to do.

Difficult areas to access: With our hoses and two-three men crews, we can access remote and difficult to reach areas that are otherwise inaccessible.

Precision: Our uniform and precise application permits even distribution of material and accurate bed depth that is very difficult to achieve by hand, which frequently results in uneven application and wasted material.

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Our office staff is exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced.  We work tirelessly to ensure that the experience our clients have is positive!  Understanding client's needs allows us to provide assistance in selecting the appropriate material.  We schedule jobs in a manner that ensures the entire process goes smooth and deadlines are met.  We understand the unique requirements of individual job sites!

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