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Certified Organic Compost Installation – Made from locally recycled garden pruning’s and vegetable trimmings. Ideal for mulching or as a soil amendment, compost improves the soil by adding organic matter, microbes, nutrients and trace minerals.

    • Pacific Northwest recycled Brush, branches, leaves, grass clippings, produce trimmings and small amount of wood waste.
    • This herbaceous and woody material provides an ideal habitat for naturally occurring microorganisms, essential for mineralization and plant nutrient uptake, as well as assist disease suppression.
    • Improves soil fertility – provides slow release of materials.

Certified organic compost installation increases organic matter, nutrients and beneficial microorganisms that enhance growth, porosity and water retention. As mulch, it will protect the soil from erosion and evaporation, and help insulate plant roots from temperature fluctuations.

Organic Compost Benefits:

    • Improved Soil — If your soil is dense and clay-like, then you will have a hard time getting anything to grow. Healthy soil is almost crumbly, allowing for air and water to penetrate easily deep beneath the top layer. The thicker the soil, the harder it is for roots to push through and the more likely they are to be unable to flourish.
    • Nutrition — Even if your soil seems healthy enough, it could lack a sufficient amount of nutrients to stimulate healthy plant growth. Compost is host to a thriving ecosystem of bacteria and other microorganisms that all aid in the healthy growth of plants and flora. Also, since compost is made from organic matter, it is full of essential nutrients that get introduced into the soil which creates a robust home for plants.
    • Water Retention — The healthier your soil, the more moisture it will retain. Sandy or dry soil has a significantly inadequate ability to retain water due to a lack of nutrients. Adding compost can allow water to remain in the soil longer, effectively giving young roots the ability to survive. The healthier your soil, the less you’ll have to water it.

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