Preparation For Material Installation

Greater Eastside Blower Truck Installation

The amount of preparation you do for our service is up to you. Bark King’s crew will do everything they can to make your landscape look as beautiful as possible, but there are a few things you can do to get the best results and to enjoy the maximum benefits from your mulch or other material. We recommend you do the following prior to our arrival:

    • Please have beds prepared and ready to be barked. This includes removing weeds and other debris, edging pruning, etc.
    • If you are applying a pre-emergent please follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.
    • If you are installing landscape fabric please secure it with anchoring pins.
    • Please turn off all automatic sprinkler systems and refrain from watering for at least 24 hours prior to arrival.
    • Please mark any landscaping lights and sprinkler heads that may be difficult for our crews to see.
    • Please cover any water features and remove or cover any personal effects on patios and ground-level decks that may be sensitive to bark dust.
    • Please remove all pet waste from the work area to avoid it being tracked through your beds on the hose.

On the day our crews are installing your mulch please:

    • Keep all doors and windows closed
    • Shut off air conditioning units
    • Remove all vehicles from the work area and close vehicle windows and sunroof (please note that your driveway parking spaces may be temporarily blocked during installation)
    • Please contain pets for the duration of our service they are sometimes frightened by the process.
    • Avoid the work area if you suffer from a respiratory condition.

If you will not be present for our installation, please contact our office to make arrangements to leave a nap and instructions on site for our operators

At Bark King, it’s our responsibility to provide you with best landscaping projects we could possibly do. From out blower truck services to spread large amounts of mulch across your entire landscape, to browsing out landscaping material products including mulch, green roofs, rocks, playground chips, and erosion control products — we are here to help you with your outdoor projects.

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Our office staff is exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced.  We work tirelessly to ensure that the experience our clients have is positive!  Understanding client's needs allows us to provide assistance in selecting the appropriate material.  We schedule jobs in a manner that ensures the entire process goes smooth and deadlines are met.  We understand the unique requirements of individual job sites!

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