#1 Playground Wood Chips Installation & Blower Truck Safety Surfacing Service on the Eastside


#1 Playground Wood Chips Installation & Blower Truck Safety Surfacing Service on the Eastside

Playground Chips & Safety Surfacing & Greater Eastside Blower Truck Service

ADA Certified Playground Wood Chips

We install Sof Solutions “Sof Fall” – Engineered Wood Fiber Playground Chips.

Sof’Fall is an engineered wood fiber product designed specifically for playgrounds. The wood fiber creates a loose fill surface that “knits” together to form a stable and accessible surface for all children. At 25′ fall height protection, Sof’Fall provides the highest fall protection of any Sof’Solutions product.

Perfect for playgrounds that require the highest rating for protective surfacing:

Bark King is proud to provide installation of this premium product to your home, business, or municipal property; Certified engineered wood fiber that meets the American Standard for Testing and Material (ASTM) Specifications for impact attenuation and wheelchair accessibility as required by the American Disability Act (ADA).

Cedar Playground Wood Chips

Our cedar chips are 1″ square, sliver-less pieces of Cedar wood. The Cedar wood is a lighter beige color. They look and smell great !

Cedar chips are great for children’s play areas, dog runs, pathways and more. We do not recommend using cedar chips in your flower bed. Cedar play chips are a safe and affordable option. Play chips are not treated, are environmentally safe and can be used in a wide variety of applications.

The Most Experienced Playground
Chip Blowers

Our high tech blower trucks provide the perfect solution for installing playground chips. We have become the trusted blower truck installer of both standard and ADA certified playground chips on the Eastside.

Quick, Efficient Playground Wood Chips Installation

Our blower trucks are specifically designed for quick and efficient installations into difficult to reach or otherwise inaccessible areas. Whether a playground is located behind buildings, over fences, inside courtyards or even hundreds of feet from where the truck can be parked, we can easily and proficiently get the job done.

Confident Experience Crew

With our experienced crew playground owners can be confident that the playground chips will be placed in the exact area as needed and to the proper depth necessary to help keep the playground safe for kids out being kids! Playgrounds can be a lot of fun for children of all ages, but they can also be dangerous if there aren’t protective measures in place.

Run, Skip and Play With Peace of Mind

One of the most deceptively safe parts of a playground is the surface on which your children run, skip, and jump. If not covered properly, a single wrong step could cause serious injury. Luckily, Bark King Blower Truck Service is here to help. We will quickly become your top choice for a playground chip installation service on the Eastside.

How Can Bark King Help Keep Kids Safe on a Playground?

Our team is made up of experienced playground chip blowers, all trained to use our equipment with speed and accuracy. Anyone who owns a playground can rest assured that wood chips placed by our professionals will provide excellent ground coverage and protection for children on the premises. We know you want kids to stay safe and so do we!

Serving The Greater Eastside

If you’re looking for playground chip installation service on the Eastside reach out to Bark King Blower Truck Services today! We look forward to working with you to ensure the safety of every child who uses your playground.

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