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Fine Bark Installation – Greater Eastside Blower Truck 

Fir/Hemlock Bark: 1″ minus particle size. To be used as a top dressing for fine manicured look or as a soil amendment.

Fine Bark is a great choice for any landscaped areas where you want to achieve a refined, manicured appearance. Fine bark has an impressive, refined natural appearance giving new life to any landscape.

It is clean, and uniform in size. You can use fine Bark for ground cover, as weed blocker, and let it break down, and become a natural enhancer to work into the soil.


Installation Recommendations:

    • To aid in weed control, initially apply mulch 3-4” deep
    • For just cosmetic looks, apply 2″ deep
    • It is best to apply mulch in spring or fall before heavy weed growth periods.
    • Leave space around the base of your plants – don’t crowd the plant base with mulch.
    • Rake mulch 1-2 times per year between applications.
    • Reapply every other year to maintain proper depth, weed suppression and a fresh, clean appearance.

Bark King Blower Truck Service provides superior mulching utilizing our pristine blower trucks to ensure that your property gets a fresh new look that lasts. Using an innovative blower truck-method of installation, no section of your landscaping will go unmulched.

The Benefits of Fine Bark

Whenever you mulch, you are essentially giving your garden or landscaping an additional layer of protection and supplementation. Bark dust, like other types of mulch, offers a multitude of benefits.

    • Primarily, a fresh layer of bark dust mulch will protect your landscaping or garden from the potential sprouting of weeds. The mulch will also help protect the soil bed from extreme temperatures, effectively cooling plant roots in the heat and/or keeping them warm in the cold.
    • Using bark dust mulch will improve the health of the soil by supplementing nutrients via the decomposition of the organic material.
    • Lastly, fine bark dust offers a smooth consistency that’s pleasing to the eye, allowing you to easily create accent features in your landscaping.

If you aren’t sure what type of mulch would work best for your property, our experts are here to help. We are always happy to make a recommendation.

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