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Fertil-Mulch® Installation – Greater Eastside Blower Truck Installation

Fertil-Mulch® – Composted sawdust and cow/steer manure processed through 1/2″ screen. Initially dark in color lightens to a light brown color. Excellent as a top dressing or soil conditioner. Very high in nutrient elements and will assist in water retention

Fertil-Mulch®  is a mixture of local cow manure, horse manure and sawdust. Dark Coffee color and texture Fertile-Mulch is composted and screened so no need to worry about rocks, weed seed or smell. Used as a top dressing it helps to suppress weeds and retain moisture.

Bark King’s mulch products will give you the beautiful, weed-free yard that will make you the envy of all of your neighbors. Proper application of mulch will protect your plants from extreme conditions.

Installation Recommendations:

    • To aid in weed control, initially apply mulch 3-4” deep
    • For just cosmetic looks, apply 2″ deep
    • It is best to apply mulch in spring or fall before heavy weed growth periods.
    • Leave space around the base of your plants – don’t crowd the plant base with mulch.
    • Rake mulch 1-2 times per year between applications.
    • Reapply every other year to maintain proper depth, weed suppression and a fresh, clean appearance.

So Why Mulch?

    • Conserves water use by retaining moisture and permitting water to be distributed more slowly and evenly
    • Provides insulation against temperature extremes, protecting plant roots from destructive winter frost
    • Improves soil structure as it naturally decomposes.
    • Reduces soil/ground erosion from wind and water.
    • Stop Weeding ! Mulch provides a natural, herbicide-free weed barrier
    • Control weeds without the use of herbicides, conserve water, moderate soil temperature and reduce erosion
    • Organic Mulch is essential to your garden’s health and vitality


Mulches save labor for gardeners by preventing germination of most weed seeds, thereby reducing the need for cultivation or the use of herbicides. Less time weeding means more time for planting and enjoying your garden! A good 3 to 4 inch layer of mulch makes weeding EZ! Airborne weeds may take root in mulch, but a thick layer of properly applied material makes weeding a breeze!

    • By moderating soil temperature and retaining moisture during dry weather, mulches reduce the need for watering
    • A three inch layer of barkdust can reduce water evaporation from soil during hot summer months by up to 50%. That’s a 50% savings in irrigation water, and half the time spent watering your yard if you don’t have a built-in irrigation system.
    • No one likes to weed, but let’s face it: Mulching isn’t the fun part of gardening either!! Let the experts at Bark King blow you away with just how fast, EZ, and beautiful mulching can be!

Serving The Greater Eastside

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During the summer season mulch insulates plant roots from the heat while retaining the moisture necessary for them to thrive.

In the winter months mulch keeps roots under a protective blanket, conserving the warmth of the surrounding soil.

In addition, mulch prevents erosion by helping hold soil in place during the heavy rains of the Northwest, thereby avoiding root damage caused by soil erosion.

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