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Greater Seattle & Eastside Blower Truck Service

Green Roof Material Installation – Greater Eastside & Seattle Blower Truck Service

Bark KIng has performed more of these intricate and unique green roof installations than any other blower truck in the State of Washington. SInce 2004, Bark King Blower Truck Service has provided the environmental benefits & natural beauty of green roofs and rooftop gardens to Greater Seattle & Eastside property owners.

Green roofs and rooftop gardens are a popular feature of the modern landscape. The blower truck provides the most cost effective and efficient means of conveying soil and mulch to rooftop areas. This process eliminates labor intensive methods and unnecessary equipment.

The Bark King installation team has always brought precision to its projects, but access to the rooftops is typically many stories up and often several hundred feet out from the rooftop access point. Blowing material up that high, and out that far, can oftentimes present a challenge to standard blower trucks. For the green roof applications we needed more power! With that in mind, Bark King acquired the one and only Heavy Duty Rock Blower Truck in our Greater Seattle and Eastside market.

Our extensive industry experience, supplemented by the addition of her heavy-duty rock blower, makes Bark King an increasingly popular option to the more costly and labor-intensive construction crane and landscape crew alternatives. Our two-three-man crew quickly and efficiently install a variety of roof topsoil blends, aggregates, mulches or compost precisely to specification. No cranes, no wheelbarrows no trips up and down elevators. Just one powerful truck, and Bark King’s high-performance crew laying the foundation for the next beautiful green roof or rooftop garden.

The Pacific NW has always been forward looking, and Bark King’s commitment to that innovative spirit and eco-awareness shows in Bark King’s Green Roof and Garden Rooftop installations! Green roofs (also called eco-roofs or roof gardens) improve the energy performance of buildings, improve air quality, and beautify the urban environment.

Proudly, Bark King has installed green roofs on hospitals, university campuses, local schools and office buildings, and even private residences. Let Bark King demonstrate our impressive experience, attention to detail, and the advantage of our state-of-the-art blower truck expertise in your green roof installation!

If you’re interested in green roof installation in The Greater Seattle or Eastside area, look no further than Bark King Blower Truck Service! Bark King Blower Truck Service is your answer for Green Roof Installation.

Have a Tall Roof ?

Bark King Can Handle It

When installing a green roof, it can be difficult to get up to the top point of your building. While standard trucks may say they can handle blowing material up that high, they might not have the capability of doing so without material flying all over the place. At Bark King, our blower trucks have the advantage over standard trucks as we are home to the one and only Heavy Duty Rock Blower Truck in the Greater Seattle market. Our heavy duty trucks can handle the weight of a lot of material at once. And the power on that thing? Yeah, it’s pretty amazing.

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Our trucks excel in speed and efficiency, something the operators of standard blower trucks can’t say.

The one-two punch of precision and power locks us in for many jobs that would normally be difficult to handle.

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