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Bark, Mulch & Material Calculator

How much do you need?

Don’t worry! You don’t need a heavy-duty tape measure or a surveyor’s wheel; just your feet!

The easiest way to measure a bed size is to step off the distances and convert your steps into feet. Simply measure the length and width of your beds and enter those numbers into the form below.

Most landscapes are defined by curves in contours rather than by easily measured squares and rectangles, so you will need to make some adjustments to account for the differences. We recommend that you break the areas up into squares and rectangles as best you can.

While you’re walking off the areas check for depth of any remaining mulch you have. We suggest you check in several spots in order to get an overall average. The recommended total depth is 3 to 4 inches. With that depth you’ll achieve optimum weed control and set up a nice base for longer lasting coverage.

We have made the rest EZ! Just enter in the information you’ve gathered into our yardage calculator… that’s it! You are one EZ phone call away from a beautiful yard: no backache! No headache!!

Please note : We have a minimum delivery of 10 cubic yards.


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