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Q: Why have it “blown-in” rather than apply it manually?

  • Smooth velvety appearance: Our skilled blower truck installers achieve a smooth, velvety appearance that manual application simply can’t match. Your yard will never look more beautiful or manicured when the Bark King crew visits your property.
  • No wheelbarrow tracks: No wheelbarrow or multi person crews tracking back and forth through your yard, leaving muddy tracks in your lawn or causing damage to your plants.
  • No unsightly piles: We don’t leave unsightly piles of bark to stain your driveway or yard while you wait for the mulch to be applied. We’ll be done before you know it!
  • Faster. More efficient. More beautiful : Our blower truck service is much faster, more efficient and provides a more beautiful look than can be achieved through manual application. The areas leading landscapers and builders choose Bark King’s blower truck installation over having their own crews do it by hand because we consistently and efficiently achieve beautiful results – the kind of results you want for your own yard!
  • Less work ! We call it “bark without the backache!” Let our talented team take care of everything so you can spend your valuable time doing what you want to do.
  • Difficult areas to access: With our hoses and two-three men crews, we can access remote and difficult to reach areas that are otherwise inaccessible.
  • Precision: Our uniform and precise application permits even distribution of material and accurate bed depth that is very difficult to achieve by hand, which frequently results in uneven application and wasted material.

Q: What is the cost for blower truck installation?

  • Our pricing depends on which material you select and how many yards you need. Locally, we have a 10 yd. minimum for blower truck installation.
  • Volume discounts apply.
  • Our pricing includes material installation and meticulous cleanup of all treated areas.

Please call or highly experienced and knowledgeable office stop to get a precise quote for your project.

Q: My neighbors have blower truck service from another company and they had to clean up a big mess. Do we need to clean up after your service?

  • Never! You will never be left with the cleanup when you choose Bark King! We call it “bark without the back-ache” because we do ALL of the work . Our highly skilled installers place the material precisely where it should be in the first place, not all over your lawn, plants and sidewalk. Any overspray is meticulously cleaned up by our expert crews who take great pride in making every yard look as beautiful as possible.
  • We recognize that other blower truck companies offer what they refer to as the “B” service that leaves the cleanup to their customers. At Bark King, we don’t settle for “B” work. At Bark King job isn’t finished until we’ve achieved the meticulous finish look that is our signature. When you choose Bark King you’ll see for yourself why the best landscapers and builders in our area demand our service for their clients. Don’t you deserve the same?

Q: Do I need to rake out the mulch when you’re done?

  • Not with Bark King ! Our installers achieve a smooth finished look that will leave you wanting to post “stay off my bark” signs..
  • No need for rakes or any other garden tool just sit back and enjoy your beautiful yard.

Q: How far out can you blow?

  • For bark and playground chips our standard pricing is for 250 feet of hose, and for heavier material such as compost and fertile mulch, we can go out to 200 feet with standard pricing.
  • Dependent on site conditions and moisture content of the material, we can install to further distances. Charges for additional hose the would apply.
  • See our product section for more details about the material you are interested in.

Please notify our office staff if your project requires more than 250 feet of hose for park or playground chips, or more than 200 feet for compost or Fertile Mulch. We need to ensure that we have sufficient hose on the truck and allow enough time to complete your project.

Q: Is it Dusty?

  • During the hot and dry summer months the mulch can get dusty, but Bark King crews do everything they can to keep the dust to a minimum. If our crews ask to use your water please let them! Power blower trucks are equipped with dust suppression systems that do a great job. In addition, if the mulch is dry and dusty our installers will decrease the rate at which they blow in the material in order to keep the dust to a minimum.

Q: What is mulch? What type of mulch do you blow?

  • Mulch is a broad term that can be confusing. Technically mulches any material placed around plants to reduce weeds, moderate soil temperature, retain soil moisture and reduce soil compaction. Mulch can be organic (bark, fertile mulch, compost, woodchips, leaves etc.) or inorganic (rock, gravel, recycled rubber, recycle glass,etc.)
  • At Bark King , we install organic mulches that include bark, fertile mulch & compost. We all can also install wood chips and sawdust, although these options are rarely used as mulches.

Q: Is any of the mulch that Bark King installs with its blower trucks treated with chemicals?

  • Absolutely not! The mulches we install are all high-quality 100% natural and pesticide free with no dyes or colors.

Q: Do I need to be home when you do the job?

  • We understand just how busy everyone is so we make sure you do not need to be there to meet our crews. We have a well-earned reputation for getting it right the first time, so we take the time to make sure we understand exactly what you want done. If your landscape or scenario is tricky or intricate, we will have you leave a map for our crew so they know precisely what to do. We want to make sure you love what you see when you return!

Q: How long does it take?

  • Typically, we are able to install 15 yards in an hour but that can very dependent on the material, how heavily planted your landscape is, and how far from the truck the material is being blown. Bark King’s crews are very efficient and able to complete projects very quickly, but quality will never be compromised for the sake of speed. In the end, we want to make sure we leave your yard looking it’s absolute best!
  • Extremely intricate, complex or time-consuming sites may incur an additional charge or $150 per hour to be billed in quarter-hour increments.

Q: What do I need to do to prepare my yard?

When Bark King blows in your landscape mulch we apply that finishing touch that brings everything together and makes your entire yard look great. The amount of preparation you do is up to you, but if you want your yard to look it’s absolute ready for pictures best, and if you want to maximize the benefits your mulch can provide, we recommend you take the steps outlined in “preparation for a barking installation” . Then just sit back and enjoy the beautiful yard!

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