Bark King is proud of our fleet of blower trucks that you’ll be proud to have working on your installation. Bark King’s blower truck service also allows us an amazing degree of precision in your installation. Our system is remote control operated which allows our experienced operators to change our application rates as we move from area to area. Bark King’s uniform and precise application permit even distribution of materials and provides exacting results for your installation. No more shovels, no more unsightly piles of materials, and no more work for you! See the Bark King advantage in action for yourself!



Products blown in by our highly-skilled operators has a smooth, consistent finish unattainable by any other method of application, and unmatched by other companies whose installers are far less experienced or conscientious.

  • The overall beauty of your entire landscape will be enhanced by the velvety, manicured finish our operators apply to each and every yard.
  • When we say finished, we mean FINISHED! The Bark King crew does an impeccable cleanup job that leaves your landscape looking pristine and gorgeous! You don’t have to pick up a shovel, rake or broom – maybe just a camera to showoff your new yard! It just doesn’t get any EZer!



Our system is remote control operated, so we can change our application rates as we move from area to area.

  • The volume of output can be quickly adjusted to a minimum flow for spreading in intricate beds and around delicate plants, or turned up to a higher rate in more wide open areas.
  • Our uniform and precise application permits even distribution of material and accurate bed depths. Our operators’ experience & skill are evident in the way the material is placed directly into the desired area, and not wasted in adjacent turf and parking lots.
  • Minimal waste means less material needed and therefore reduced cost – with NO MESS!!
  • Eliminate those unsightly piles of material staring at you from the driveway, just waiting for you to spread. No residual bark stains; no trampled and muddied lawn from wheelbarrow tracks!



Having ‘The Bark King’ blow in your mulch is not only beautiful; it’s also quick & easy! Installations are performed with extreme efficiency in a fraction of the time it takes to spread it by hand. Our team does everything possible to minimize disruption and inconvenience to all parties.

  • Care is taken to schedule jobs to meet customer needs.
  • To hire Bark King is to hire the consummate professionals: from the office staff to our onsite crews, the experience is one you’ll wish you could receive from every service provider.
  • All Bark King trucks are specially equipped with water injection systems designed to keep dust to a minimum and thereby minimize mess & inconvenience. Just one more way we take care of our clients.
  • Weather conditions do not restrict our guys: Bark King Blower Truck Service prevails rain or shine!



We recognize what an investment you’ve made in your plants and so take every possible precaution to prevent the damage caused by more careless or inexperienced crews that utilize more invasive methods of application.

  • Our installers carefully spread mulch directly to the jobsite using lightweight hoses, which leave existing landscapes undamaged by foot traffic, wheelbarrow tracks, etc.
  • Our low-impact eco-friendly method of application eliminates most compaction of the ground and damage to plants caused by wheelbarrows, equipment, and personnel.
  • None of the heavy-traffic associated with alternative application methods, therefore no muddy footprints or ruts from wheelbarrow tracks.



With our 2-3 person crews, remote radio controller & lightweight hoses, application is carefully performed in environmentally sensitive areas inaccessible by other means.

  • Perfect for large or otherwise inaccessible areas such as steep slopes or embankments, over fences or hedges, around, in and even under buildings into planter boxes, etc.
    Direct installation of mulch into landscape beds, tree rings, hedgerows or as pathways for heavily-trafficked lawn areas.
  • We even restore old, tired turf into beautifully revitalized lush thick lawn, naturally and organically with our one-step seed-injected compost topdressing.



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Our office staff is exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced.  We work tirelessly to ensure that the experience our clients have is positive!  Understanding client's needs allows us to provide assistance in selecting the appropriate material.  We schedule jobs in a manner that ensures the entire process goes smooth and deadlines are met.  We understand the unique requirements of individual job sites!

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