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Wetland Mitigation Installation - Greater Eastside Blower Truck Service

Wetland mitigation is the environmental effort to mitigate the effects of human disruption in wetland ecosystems. This can include restoration, preservation, or even enhancement of existing wetland environments in an effort to offset damages.

Whenever businesses or individuals are permitted access to wetlands for purposes that could cause environmental harm, wetland mitigation is necessary to even out the damage by doing one or more of the following functions that provide public benefits.

  • Water quality conservation
  • Flood storage
  • Wildlife protection and restoration
  • Groundwater recharge

Our wetlands are of the utmost importance, making the wetland mitigation The Eastside trusts ever more crucial to stable and successful ecosystems.

We strive to not only leave your land looking lovely, but to bring about a positive change in the actual environment itself. Human expansion does not need to be bad for the environment. Quite the contrary. We can provide wetland mitigation services that can contribute a net positive effect on the environment at large.

The Wetland Mitigation the Eastside Deserves


With Lake Washington to one side, Sammamish to the other, and the ocean just west of the former, Washington is one of the wettest locations in the United States. This means there is a high propensity for pollution, wildlife endangerment, and flooding. No matter how hard people try to prevent these things, it seems inevitable. Well, with Bark King’s wetland mitigation strategy, you would never suspect humans lived around here at all.

Mitigation, in general, is all about making the best out of a rough situation. Bark King strives to go one step further and make a rough situation better than it ever was before. To find out more about our services and how we plan on mitigating wetland damage, contact us today.


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